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PXC-305A Full Automatic Sand Blasting Machine(Robot Machine)

Machine features

This machine is a special equipment for the blasting of the hard alloy circular saw blade ring gear.

Fully enclosed and environmentally friendly design, the robot automatically clamps the saw blade, and one person can operate 5-6 sets of equipment, which greatly improves the work efficiency (about 2,500 pieces).

The spray gun mechanism uses three spray guns to simultaneously move the device, which is very convenient for changing the variety.

This machine is equipped with a dust-collecting centralized processor, which is highly environmentally friendly and has high utilization rate of diamond, which can be reused and greatly saves cost.

Simple to operate, easy to dust free, it is an ideal blasting equipment for the production of alloy circular saw blades.

Technical dates

Blade diameter ф100—ф305mm
Arbor size ф15—ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Compressed air Pressure ≤0.9MPA
Grit sizes 36# 46#(Recommended Use)
Working air pressure ≥0.8MPA
Total power 3.7KW
Voltage 380V
Weight 1530KG
Dimensions 1830X2580X2200mm(Host)
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