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MCZ-305B Full Automatic Seat Grinding Machine(Robot Arm)

Machine features

This machine is a special equipment for the grinding of the base of the carbide circular saw blade.

This machine adopts robotic automatic clamping saw blade, and one person can operate 10-15 sets of equipment.

This machine adopts a special mechanical transmission mechanism to ensure the consistency of the tooth feeding position and the grinding depth every time. It can correct the diameter jump generated during the base stamping to within 0.05mm, which greatly improves the static balance of the saw blade and improves the saw. The stability of the film.

High efficiency, the class produces about 15,000 teeth.

Technical dates

Blade diameter ф100—ф305mm
Arbor size ф12—ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Tooth pitch 8—50mm
Grinding speed 10-30(T/min)
Diamond wheel ф255xф25.4x2-3mm(Electroplated diamond wheel)
Total power 2.35KW
Voltage 380V(Three-phase four-wire)
Weight 600kg
Dimensions 890X1060X1400

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