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MLH-260J Full Automatic Back Angle Grinding Machine (Robot Arm)

Machine features

This machine is a special equipment for the front angle grinding of carbide circular saw blades.

Semi-enclosed environment-friendly design, robotic automatic clamping saw blade, one person can operate 10-15 sets of equipment.

Micro-injection is implemented by Omron PLC and Mitsubishi servo motor, the amount of feed can be set, the grinding precision is high, and the grinding wheel loss is low.

It can complete all tooth shape grinding in one time: including left and right teeth, flat teeth, single helical teeth, N left M right and other toothed disposable grinding.

The most commonly used tooth profile programs for the left and right teeth and the flat teeth are optimized. The left teeth are completely ground and the right teeth are ground to reduce the turning time of the grinding head, improve the stability of the machine, and improve the work efficiency.

Technical dates

Blade diameter ф100—ф260mm
Arbor size ф12—ф50mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Tooth pitch 5—65mm
Back Angle 0°—+30°
Bevel angle ±45°
Grinding length 0—25mm
Grinding precision ≤0.03mm
Grinding speed 20 Teeth / minute(T/min)
Diamond wheel ф125xф20x5mm
Diamond wheel grit 220# 280#(Recommended Use)
Working air pressure ≥0.5MPA
Total power 2.5KW
Weight 900kg
Dimensions 1500X1000X2030mm

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